Hi, I’m Carla—a DC-based digital strategist, designer, and writer obsessed with bringing clarity to the world around me.

I’m a little unusual because I’ve worn three different hats: I’m a designer who designs reports and infographics and leads creative teams; a writer who blogs and has led editorial teams, and a digital and content strategist who has helped organizations figure out which content to produce and how to get people to engage around it. I’m as comfortable with an Excel spreadsheet as I am with the Chicago Manual of Style.

Here’s what I do, specifically:

Infographics and data visualization:

I design infographics that illustrate everything from marketing concepts to complex healthcare data (I led the development of high-profile interactive data visualizations like this one for The Pew Charitable Trusts, on voting). 

Writing and storytelling

Writing for digital is still an art—one that requires the ability to tell a story, employ a cohesive structure, and keep your audience’s voice and motivation to engage front and center. You can check out articles herehere, and here, and informal writing on my dataviz blog and on Medium. Last year, I also launched a cool storytelling and video project called How is My Kid Doing.

Digital strategy

I’ve run successful digital campaigns, including the Global Business Summit on Early Childhood and, more recently, a citizen-readiness campaign featuring a digital report, high social media engagement, infographics featured on C-SPAN, and a DC-trending #citizenready hashtag.

Branding and print design

I’ve also helped organizations rebrand themselves through new visual identity systems and better websites (check out Families USA before and after, and Council for a Strong America before and after). I’m a report nerd who enjoys laying out reports and creating pages of tables and charts. I’ve designed conference and exhibit signage, direct mail pieces, and packaging (ask me about the time I had to design a branded box so large that only two companies in North America could print it).

About me in general

Aside from explaining and designing things to make them more clear, I do other stuff, like commuting around the city on an orange bike, coaching my little kid’s soccer team, and drinking unlimited quantities of spinach smoothies. You can find me talking about dataviz on Twitter. I also try to sneak as much orange into projects as I can before people catch on, so watch out!

Contact me:

You can email me on gmail as curiona@…