Long-form content/blogs:

Here are four examples of blogs and long-form writing that I’ve authored. If you’re interested in learning more about my approach to writing (as a writer and as a manager of editorial teams), check out this page also.

Web copy:

I’ve authored and/or edited the majority of web copy at organizations in which I’ve worked. I also write the majority of the copy for infographics that I design. At Families USA, I wrote all of the copy for backgrounder pieces explaining the organization’s position on issues ranging from enrolling Americans in health care to Medicaid expansion. Here are a few examples:

Below is an example of a tough piece. The accompanying report was produced in record time in response to fast-moving policy developments. There were multiple public authors (and several internal ones). And it was important to write the copy in close fidelity to the original report for the reporters and other audiences who were likely to skip the report altogether.


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